Free Training Coursework with AAAHI

Free Training Coursework through AAAHI

As part of OREP’s built-in (free) risk management program, OREP’s home inspector E&O insureds can now enjoy free training and coursework covering a variety of topics. The coursework is designed to help you become a better home inspector, limit your liabilty, increase your safety,  and help you diversify your business by offering more services (and grow your business!). The free coursework for OREP insureds includes:

• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Foundation/Structure
• Multi-Unit/Apartment Inspections
• Mold
• Radon
• Drones
• And much more!

These courses are free to OREP insureds for one year through the All-American Association of Home Inspectors (AAAHI). OREP inspectors can take this time to grow their skills and expand their services. If you are already insured with OREP, email now to get access to your free one year subscription to AAAHI’s training courses.




“I am learning so much that is helping me improve in my practice and increase the quality of my reports, thus reducing my exposure to lawsuits. The webinars and education are a great complement to your insurance business. I was an OREP customer in the past and because of the benefits I will be back at renewal time. Thanks for what you do!” —Bruce K.