Home Inspector E&O

Home Inspectors E&O Insurance

Home Inspector E&O and General Liability/Premises Coverage

OREP offers a complete package of E&O and General Liability/Premises Coverage for Home Inspectors.

Experience: 17+ Years Serving Home Inspectors.

Coverage: Tailored Specifically for Inspectors with coverage for most Add-on Services Included at No Extra Charge.

Liability Support: Risk Management and Pre-Claims Assistance Included at No Charge. No surcharge for frivolous claims. Low deductibles from year one.

Business Support: Free Coursework helps you Expand Your Services and Earning Power. Expert Technical Guidance helps keep you safe. Discounts on Valuable Goods and Services Saves You Money.

Fast Service: Get a Quote/Indication Online in under Five Minutes. Bind the same day if you wish. Easy financing available.

Competitive Rates: Shop OREP and compare value!