Warranty FAQ


This page is designed to offer more clarity on the warranty program and to answer frequently asked questions such as coverage, terms and conditions, what the plan does and does not cover, how it all works, and how to get started.

OREP has teamed up with Complete Protection to offer 120-Day Warranties.

As an inspector, you would purchase warranties through OREP, and we would service your account. You will have access to a secure portal where you can issue your warranties, keep track of how many warranties you have left, and track the ones you’ve already submitted. We will also be available to you to answer questions as they come up. You will also receive marketing collateral that you may use to promote this new service. OREP is an E&O provider, however warranties are offered independently from E&O. You do not need to purchase E&O from OREP to participate in the warranty program. Additionally, E&O can be purchased separately from warranties. You do not need to purchase warranties to have E&O with OREP.

Complete Protection (CP™) is whom your clients would call if they needed to initiate a claim. All claims are done over the phone without having to submit any documentation to receive service. Complete Protection (the plan administrator) would trigger a service call to check on a covered appliance if it’s not working correctly. Once you issue a warranty for the homeowner they will receive an email instructing them to contact Complete Protection if they need to make claim.

What appliances does the warranty cover?

  1. Furnace/Air Handler/Thermostat
  2. Air Conditioner/Packaged HVAC Unit
  3. Water Heater
  4. Dishwasher
  5. Range (Cooktop/Oven)

Anything inside the sheet metal of the appliance is covered. There is no exclusion for age, rust, lack of maintenance, or unknown pre-existing conditions. You don’t have to collect the model and serial number of the appliance.

Would this warranty cover a duplex or more than one unit on a site? If there is more than one unit on a site or a duplex, each unit would need its own warranty.

What would happen if the homeowner found out that a covered appliance is not working after moving in (within the warranty period)?

Here’s how it works. The homeowner would call CP™ to obtain authorization and initiate the claim. Complete Protection can be reached at (800) 978-2022. All claims are handled over the phone – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The homeowner could choose to go with a local technician, or CP™ would refer someone from their network (if available).

CP™ pays 100% of the repair costs (parts and labor); there is no deductible for the homeowner when a servicer comes out. CP™ has a guaranteed reimbursement toward the replacement of protected appliances.

If the appliance were deemed unrepairable, CP™ would reimburse by the following schedule toward the replacement of protected appliances:

Reimbursement Schedule

  • AC/HP – Inside Coil……….$500
  • AC/HP – Outside Unit……..$700
  • Furnace/Air Handler……….$500
  • Packaged Unit……………..$950
  • Thermostat…………………$150
  • Water Heater……………….$300
  • Dishwasher…………………$300
  • Range……………………….$300

Under normal circumstances, CP™ will initiate the performance of services within 48 hours after the contract holder requests the services. Weather conditions and workload will govern service response time. CP™ will not pay for overtime and holiday rates, unless there is a risk of pipes freezing, only straight time. The homeowner may request a service company of their choosing, or CP™ may provide them with a referral, if available. The service company may be asked to provide an itemized repair estimate, including the breakdown of parts & labor and a specific cause for the failure.

If the warranty period is ending, could the homeowner extend the Warranty?

Yes. CP™ has four customizable plans to choose from to fit warranty needs, purchased monthly or annually. The pricing for direct-to-consumer plans is available on the Complete Protection website.

What about the coverage for water/sewer, mold, foundation, framework, and roof? CP™ covers the following for each:

Foundation: Poured concrete and block wall foundations.
Framework: Floor joists, bottom and top plates, and wall members.
Roof: Roof.
Mold: Removal of visible mold on surfaces permanently installed in the home.
Water Lines: Damage to water lines from the point of connection with the utility to the main shut-off valve in the home.
Sewer Lines: Damage to sewer lines from the point it leaves the foundation of the home to the point of connection with the utility.

Protection Terms for Appliances/Climate:

CP™ will provide repair service on the homeowner’s Appliances/Climate to restore them to the normal operating condition due to electrical or mechanical component failure. This plan protects any part necessary for the normal operation of your Appliance/Climate that is contained within the sheet metal skin of that Unit. All coverage is limited to those items within the home’s foundation unless otherwise specified.

Protection Terms for Foundation, Framework, and Roof:

Complete Protection is not an insurance company but will reimburse the homeowner up to an aggregate maximum of $2,000 for any deductibles paid toward homeowner’s insurance claims made on Foundation, Framework, Roof.

Protection Terms for Mold, Water, or Sewer Line:

Complete Protection shall pay the first $1,000 of charges for any Mold, Water, or Sewer Line claim. Mold remediation is independent of the homeowner’s insurance claim necessary for foundation, framework, and roof claims. There is a $1000 max on any mold, water, and sewer line claims (combined).

Term of Plan:

The plan runs for 120 days following the initial date of the inspection or 30 days from the closing on the home, whichever is later. Please note, this product cannot be used for a pre-listing inspection.

Is there any location that the warranties are not covered?

Complete Protection is currently not covered in these U.S. States: MA, NY, WI. Complete Protection is also not approved in these Canadian Provinces: BC, Newfoundland/Labrador, Quebec, Saskatchewan, NW Territories, Nunavut, Yukon.

What can I charge my client?

The inspector is free to upcharge for the warranty as they’d wish. There are no stipulations surrounding this. Most inspectors choose to roll the cost of the warranty into their inspection fee.

What is NOT protected by the 120-Day Warranty Plan?

  • A. Drainage: This plan does not cover clogs or stoppages of any kind, nor does it cover well, septic tank systems or condensation drain lines on your air conditioner.
  • B. Irrigation Systems: This plan does not cover irrigation or sprinkler systems of any kind.
  • C. Renovation: Homes undergoing renovation, remodel or being “flipped” as an investment are excluded from the Plan.
  • D. Prior to Home Inspection: CP™ will not pay for repairing anything that occurred prior to the Home Inspection.
  • E. Abnormal or Unsafe Conditions: CP™ reserves the right to refuse service if one of the following conditions exist: Item is unserviceable, working conditions are unsafe, installation codes are not met, Unit is not being used for its designed purpose, fraud/abuse of this Plan.
  • F. Situations Normally Covered By Your Homeowners Policy: CP™ will not pay for repairs or damage caused by animals, humans, floods, fire, lightning, power surges, theft, power/water supply outages, natural disasters, acts of God or civil disobedience.
  • G. Not up to Code: CP™ will not pay for the repair of anything required by any government body (city, state, federal) or other third parties.
  • H. Investigation: CP™ will not pay for the repair of any damage done due to the investigation or repair of a covered claim. For example, repairing sheet rock, or insulation that were accessed during the investigation or repair.
  • I. Noted Defect: CP™ shall not pay for any repair when the home inspector cannot inspect an item or has noted a defect (damage, leaks, improper installation or worn materials).
  • J. Consequential Damage: CP™ will not pay for any secondary damage resulting from any mechanical or structural component failure. This also includes lost time, lost use of the home, or any damages due to special circumstances.
  • K. Cosmetic: Cosmetic repairs are not covered by this Plan.
  • L. Uneconomical: CP™ may refuse to repair an item if, in its sole discretion, it believes it is uneconomical to repair or if the item is not repairable. If CP™ decides not to repair an item protected under this Plan, CP™ will reimburse the homeowner toward the replacement and installation of that item with a new one based on the following schedule:
  • $150 for Thermostat
  • $300 for Dishwasher, Range, or Water Heater
  • $500 for the Inside Coil of the Central Air Unit
  • $500 for Furnace/Air Handler
  • $700 for Outdoor Condensing Unit
  • $950 for a packaged HVAC system

I’m ready to make a purchase! How do I get started, and how are warranties issued?

Congrats on making this decision for your business! Please scroll to the bottom of this page to pick one of the packs offered. Add the chosen pack to your shopping cart and complete the checkout process.

After checkout, return to the same page and log in by clicking on the orange login button (at the top near the 120-Day Warranty seal). You will then be directed to your own secure warranty portal hosted on our website.

Once logged in, you will see a menu on the left to issue a warranty. Enter details such as the homebuyer’s first and last name, email address, physical address of the property, date of the inspection, and any other notes you wish to enter. Then hit submit. Once you hit submit, an email will automatically be sent to the customer, letting them know that the warranty has been issued and how to contact CP™ if they need to make a claim. Complete Protection can be reached 24/7 at (800) 978-2022. All claims are handled over the phone.

You will also have a record of the issued warranties that you may access at any time from the secure portal. Please remember to issue the warranties by the Monday evening at midnight following the inspection.

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